Monday, October 24, 2011

5 Steps to Create a "Wallpaper" Younger

After applying the wallpaper in your living room, now is the time you figure out how to clean the wallpaper is good and right to remain durable and well groomed. Do not risk damaging the walls of beautiful, always follow the proper care instructor for your wallpaper.

However, if you prefer to do it yourself, it helps remind us that there are several types of wallpaper and other types of dirt and waste that requires special handling. This is because people are often misguided in using tools and materials to clean the wallpaper in the living room your favorite.

Of course, you must maintain a neat wallpaper. Moreover, soon you will welcome the feast of Eid al-Fitr, right? Come, follow some instructions and ways of handling these wallpapers to remain durable in use, at least until several years into the future:


This is just to repel dust. Start by using a structured Swiffer duster cloth or dry electrostatic cloths to dust off easily lifted. Do the twist clockwise to dust concentrated at a single point of clearance.

Steples swabs stain

Stain or just fingerprints wallpaper walls around you will be very damaging to the beauty of the wall paper. However, only with a damp cloth, the stain will lift. Width was measured with a ruler, use adhesive tape made from low and avoid overly sticky tape so as not to damage the color of the wallpaper.


This natural ingredient is very potent for membasni stubborn stains. Thus, if the wallpaper you accidentally splash stains, such as the former beverages, soy sauce, and other impurities which are difficult to clean, you could use a little lime juice.

Once squeezed, put the juice into warm water and rub it on the wall wallpaper using a soft sponge. Allow a few moments, then use a sponge rubbing cloth used dry, soft cloth. Special fabric wallpaper, you can use a brush with warm water and a squeeze of lime juice.

Warm water and soap special

A mixture of warm water and special soap is perfect for cleaning wallpaper waterproof vinyl or acrylic. This type of wallpaper can be washed with warm water, mild soap, and wipe with a soft cotton cloth or sponge.

Please note, vinyl coated wallpaper that has a layer of acrylic on the surface, making it quite resistant to oil stains, humid temperatures and more tolerant in the cleaning process. Only, you should avoid using abrasive cleaning tools, rough sponges, or pumice stone because it will tear the wallpaper is vinyl coating.

Dry Cleaning

As a final touch to clean wallpaper, you can use a dry cleaning to dry the paper your walls with this immediately. Things you should do is keep the brightness of the color.

Want to try? Do not forget, prepare equipment and materials if you want to clean wallpaper. Do it in a proper instruction to wallpaper the living room remain durable!

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